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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordon

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordon

This blog is about Percy Jackson and Olympian Series. This blog will introduce you to the journey of Percy’s adventures in his school, to Camp half-blood and to the final battle and the glass palace of his father and the benefits of the series and how is it a series of many.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordon

Books in Percy Jackson Olympian Series

  • Lightning Series (2005): Percy Jackson, the main character of the book is a twelve- year old boy and a recent student at Yancy academy. Percy is a clueless boy, who cannot see his own potential and that he is always getting into trouble, due to his weaknesses, on his adventurous quest, he learns to use his disabilities as his strengths. The element of Greek mythology adds an interesting touch to the novel.  The angle of Greek mythology adds the conflict in the story.  Three women are shown knitting in the story. They are depicted as immortal goddesses spin yarn showing Percy what is it stake
  • Sea of Monsters: After Lightning Thief, you must read Sea of Monsters, i.e., the second book of the series. This story is set in Camp Half blood and its magical borders are failing and a quest has to be taken, before the demigods lose their safe space.  Now, Percy and his friends must retain the golden fleece from the island of the Cyclophes, otherwise, Camp Half-blood would be destroyed and also a family secret of Percy Jackson is revealed.
  • Titan’s Curse (2007):  The third book marks the return of the son of Poseidon and in this book Percy is on a mission to save his friend Anabeth from kidnapping.  He seeks Artemis and joins him for a council meeting at Olympus.  The third book describes the fight. This book is the third in Percy Jackson and Olympian series.
  • Battle of Labyrinth: In this book of Percy Jackson Olympian Series, we find Percy Jackson as a demigod with his friends. This is about a quest to reach the labyrinth.  The quest is to prevent the invasion of Camp- half blood by Titan.  Deadlus agrees to help them setting the stage for the battle.
  •  Last Olympian This is the final book in Percy Jackson series.  This book is a last stand of Percy to protect his friends and the rest of the world from Kronos and other monsters. Percy Jackson in a drive with Racheal is approached by Charles, who was a head counsellor of the Hephaestus cabin at Camp Half-blood.  Percy at the brink of his adventures is sent to underworld and then, awakens in his father’s underwater palace.

Benefits of Reading Percy Jackson Novels

Percy Jackson books lead us through a spurt of adventure. Let us look at the benefits of Percy Jackson novels.

  • Disabilities can be great strengths: The first reason is disabilities can become strengths, as shown by Percy in the series. Even when, he was dyslexic, he could read Greek, rather than anything else.
  • You will notice new things each time:  The first time you will read Lightning Thief and the last time, you will notice many jokes and anecdotes.
  • You will not wonder about the next book series: The book series Percy Jackson and Olympians will keep you hooked till the last minute, before going on to the next read. It will take time to bounce back from the world.
  • Mythology is brought alive and kept meaningful: Percy Jackson’s novel series introduces mythology and also keeps meaningful, as it is interwoven in the story.
  • Breaking stereotypes: this book breaks stereotype’s of male heroes and bullies and brings female heroes and bullies. New right, it is. So, if you are in UAE looking for Percy Jackson’s novels. Grab your copy from booksbay.ae

Why Percy Jackson and Olympian Series is a series of books for many?

If you are looking to read Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series. This is a series of books written in order and each book is connected.  They can be enjoyed by kids, teens and adults alike.  Percy is the protagonist of the series, along with six other characters and their adventures and their adventures in Camp Half blood.

How to read Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series?

Every reader of Percy Jackson’s novels must start from the beginning. This series starts from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The series takes off from Percy’s origin from a demi god, i.e.., half human and half god.

What to expect from the novels as readers?

Percy Jackson series books are told from Percy’s perspective. He discovers his true identity as Poseidon son and what it means then, which is running from a sea of monsters.

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