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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordon

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordon

This blog is about Percy Jackson and Olympian Series. This blog will introduce you to the journey of Percy’s adventures in his school, to Camp half-blood and to the final battle and the glass palace of his father and the benefits of the series and how is it a series of many.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordon

Books in Percy Jackson Olympian Series

  • Lightning Series (2005): Percy Jackson, the main character of the book is a twelve- year old boy and a recent student at Yancy academy. Percy is a clueless boy, who cannot see his own potential and that he is always getting into trouble, due to his weaknesses, on his adventurous quest, he learns to use his disabilities as his strengths. The element of Greek mythology adds an interesting touch to the novel.  The angle of Greek mythology adds the conflict in the story.  Three women are shown knitting in the story. They are depicted as immortal goddesses spin yarn showing Percy what is it stake
  • Sea of Monsters: After Lightning Thief, you must read Sea of Monsters, i.e., the second book of the series. This story is set in Camp Half blood and its magical borders are failing and a quest has to be taken, before the demigods lose their safe space.  Now, Percy and his friends must retain the golden fleece from the island of the Cyclophes, otherwise, Camp Half-blood would be destroyed and also a family secret of Percy Jackson is revealed.
  • Titan’s Curse (2007):  The third book marks the return of the son of Poseidon and in this book Percy is on a mission to save his friend Anabeth from kidnapping.  He seeks Artemis and joins him for a council meeting at Olympus.  The third book describes the fight. This book is the third in Percy Jackson and Olympian series.
  • Battle of Labyrinth: In this book of Percy Jackson Olympian Series, we find Percy Jackson as a demigod with his friends. This is about a quest to reach the labyrinth.  The quest is to prevent the invasion of Camp- half blood by Titan.  Deadlus agrees to help them setting the stage for the battle.
  •  Last Olympian This is the final book in Percy Jackson series.  This book is a last stand of Percy to protect his friends and the rest of the world from Kronos and other monsters. Percy Jackson in a drive with Racheal is approached by Charles, who was a head counsellor of the Hephaestus cabin at Camp Half-blood.  Percy at the brink of his adventures is sent to underworld and then, awakens in his father’s underwater palace.

Benefits of Reading Percy Jackson Novels

Percy Jackson books lead us through a spurt of adventure. Let us look at the benefits of Percy Jackson novels.

  • Disabilities can be great strengths: The first reason is disabilities can become strengths, as shown by Percy in the series. Even when, he was dyslexic, he could read Greek, rather than anything else.
  • You will notice new things each time:  The first time you will read Lightning Thief and the last time, you will notice many jokes and anecdotes.
  • You will not wonder about the next book series: The book series Percy Jackson and Olympians will keep you hooked till the last minute, before going on to the next read. It will take time to bounce back from the world.
  • Mythology is brought alive and kept meaningful: Percy Jackson’s novel series introduces mythology and also keeps meaningful, as it is interwoven in the story.
  • Breaking stereotypes: this book breaks stereotype’s of male heroes and bullies and brings female heroes and bullies. New right, it is. So, if you are in UAE looking for Percy Jackson’s novels. Grab your copy from booksbay.ae

Why Percy Jackson and Olympian Series is a series of books for many?

If you are looking to read Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series. This is a series of books written in order and each book is connected.  They can be enjoyed by kids, teens and adults alike.  Percy is the protagonist of the series, along with six other characters and their adventures and their adventures in Camp Half blood.

How to read Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series?

Every reader of Percy Jackson’s novels must start from the beginning. This series starts from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The series takes off from Percy’s origin from a demi god, i.e.., half human and half god.

What to expect from the novels as readers?

Percy Jackson series books are told from Percy’s perspective. He discovers his true identity as Poseidon son and what it means then, which is running from a sea of monsters.

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This article examines Booksbay UAE’s many advantages and how it has played a crucial role in redefining the reading experience. Booksbay UAE has a collection of several categories that includes:

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Fiction and literature books are pivotal for the escalation of human imagination, feelings, and narrative. Within this broad genre, writers frame stories that direct readers to a variety of fictional and real-world settings while delving into the intricacies of the human condition. Literature and fiction novels allow readers to virtually experience many cultures, historical eras, and the depths of the human psyche through captivating characters, complex plots, and evocative prose.

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Why Booksbay Is the Prefect Platform to Buy Books Online UAE?

  • Extraordinary Convenience:

Online bookstore Booksbay UAE provides supreme convenience, letting readers find and discover the most desired books comfortably. Just by browsing the titles at our best online bookstore UAE, you will enter a virtual universe of masterpieces and fascinating books. Now you don’t need to cycle around traditional bookstores. The best thing is you can buy the book online 24 hours from any place.

  • Extensive Catalogs and Diversity:

One of the most specified features of our online bookstore UAE is our expressive and diverse collection of books. We know the taste of every reader and suggest them extensive catalogue according to their interest and recommendation.

  • Community and Reviews:

At our online bookstore UAE, we facilitate a strong sense of vast community among readers through genuine reviews and ratings. It is a perfect platform to share your views, recommendations and critiques, creating a reliable and trustworthy space for discussion over literature.

  • Safe and secure checkout:

People might hesitate to pay online while purchasing a book through an online bookstore. We are pleased to inform you, that Booksbay. ae is one of the safest and most secure platforms for the checkout process. User data is never stored and shared with anyone without any infringement and privacy is the priority for us. You can easily pay through various modes of payment.

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most beguiling and though provoking Rumi's book

Rumi’s Best-Selling Books That You Should Read

Have you ever become devoted to a particular author? You become greatly influenced by an author’s writing style and message delivery when you interact with them in various ways . As you want to get the most out of their book, buying it again becomes a regular occurrence. Buying books by the same author regularly soon becomes a habit. When you read a book by a single author, you largely adopt their habits and adopt their knowledge and mind set. An author constantly seeks to leave a lasting impression on the reader, and through learning, it becomes simple for them to change their work ethics, routines, and focus on their goals.

most beguiling and though provoking Rumi's book

Apart from this, every author has their way of delivering the messages and narrating the story making a read easy to understand and enhancing their interest in them. Similarly, the author, the books of Rumi are quite influential all over the UAE region. People in UAE are more towards poetry reading. There we have a superb collection of Rumi books available at our website Booksbay. ae and you can purchase them at affordable prices!

Bestselling Rumi books that will inspire and enlighten you!

We shall attempt to become familiar with Rumi’s works and his development into a renowned poet before discussing his book. Maulana Jalaludin Rumi, also known as Rumi in English, was a Saudi master and Persian poet who lived in the 13th century. Through his work, particularly in the UAE, he has become one of the most well-known and successful poets. His poetry let you connect with your heart and spirit and awaken the love within you. A well-known and talented preacher, Rumi delivered speeches in the mosques. But in 1244, he met Shams Tabriz, a travelling mystic, and it completely changed the course of his life. Rumi’s works have been written in Persian language and translated into many languages.  Reader having interest in poetries, must read Rumi’s Bestselling Books available at Booksbay at affordable cost.

List of top 5 best-selling Rumi book

Rumi’s one is majorly influencing and provides pieces of advice to the reader in several forms. He defies religion instead of speaking to the universal condition of being human. His poem says that gambling is everything for love” and another poem explains that give up wanting what other people have”.

The essential Rumi brings together the timeless poetry of one of the world’s most revered spiritual thinkers. The book later translated by Coleman Barks, the words of Persian poet and Sufi mystic Jalal ad in Muhammad Balkhi Rumi ring through the ages and present themselves to be just as powerful. The book is designed with power themes based on 28 different sections. The category might be an issue for the young and novice reader and similarly, Rumi has explained it sequentially.

In this book, during every section of the paragraph, he has explained the brief section of his work and assembled all the major works. Thus peptide a common text for the user and readers and do not try to assign the meaning to Rumi’s words.

Love is the meaning of our existence, the raw material for our transformation and it is the glorious way to access divine intimacy. The teaching of Rumi is majorly based on this and majorly known for its love work from a Sufi poet. The poem is a collection of serval facts about love and among the master of many volumes of work. the author has done an exceptional quite a perfect work and translated by Kabir Helminski. It is the best way to show empathy towards Rumi and deliver every learning from Rumi’s teaching. The poem is divided into seven thematic sections such as:

  1. Within the human condition
  2. The truth is hidden within existence
  3. Transformation’
  4. Feminine and divine
  5. The path
  6. Ecstasy
  7. Love

    The forty rules of love by Elif shafak

2009 saw the release of Elif Shafak’s book The Forty Rules of Love. The protagonist of the book is Ella Rubinstein, a lady in her late 30s who has become comfortable with her existence. She is not motivated or passionate. The story traces her improbable escape from what initially seems to be impending unhappiness. The deep, brotherly love between the mystic scholar-poet Rumi and the Sufi Dervish Shams of Tabriz is another subject of the book. Ella learns about Shams and Rumi’s biography while reading Sweet Blasphemy, a novel about the two mystics’ lives and the friends, families, and foes they affected. Ella is evaluating this book for her new position as a literary agent’s assistant.

A thought provoking and well-regraded novel must be read by every reader to see a change in their behaviour. From my point of view, the book is quite amazing and the author has done a fabulous work of explaining his own experience.

These instructive parables and fables, which are raucous, exuberant, and even severe, show fresh and incredibly human characteristics from Rumi’s perspective. Included are the infamous “Latin parts” that Reynold Nicholson felt should not have been translated into English in the 1920s. Rumi believed that whatever people do, no matter how compulsively, provides a window into their inner selves. More than 40 fables or morality tales are presented here, including ones on love, laughter, death, betrayal, and the soul. The tales are vivacious, earthy, and overflowing with life, much like a Hieronymus Bosch painting or the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. The characters have opened souls and are guilty, lecherous, cunning, ribald, and eventually.

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Booksbay UAE: The Best Online Bookstore

We all need someone who will be there for us when we need them and understand us without passing judgment. And for all the correct and admirable reasons, books can serve as the best companion in our life. Numerous advantages of reading books include how it improves our learning, behaviour, and clarity of healthy habits. We learn from books how to expand our thinking and view the world from new angles. Everyone who reads has a desire to read and discover the various genres and book types that are accessible based on their interests. You could experience loneliness from time to time, but with the company of books, you can enjoy every second of life while also learning essential lessons. Every book has a different story, vocabulary and writing style to attract a reader and make an impact on their mind. Therefore, readers can visit our Online Bookstore in UAE to find epic and thought-provoking books. We are passionate about sharing our best reading books with all avid and neophyte readers of the UAE at reasonable prices.

Buy Books Online in UAE from Booksbay

A reader continuously strives to read as many books as they can! However, the high cost of books and the generally low spending habits of readers may prevent them from satisfying their desire. It is the finest opportunity to register on our website and buy a vast selection of books from our website (Bookbay.ae) if you love reading and want to enjoy every book at a fair price. We are committed to offering every customer in the UAE thought-provoking and best-selling books via our website. Every reader has the option to purchase the most important books from our website, and they do so at affordable costs. Focusing on our every quality service and originality of books makes us the best online bookstore in UAE. Further in this blog, we will be discussing why you should buy books from Booksbay UAE and how you can buy them at affordable prices.

What are the Benefits of buying books from Booksbay?

Do you frequently get asked Where to Buy Books Online in UAE, and who is the finest online retailer there? You no longer need to be concerned! Since Booksbay offers the most popular books to its clients at fair prices. By giving our consumers the best literature, we hope to focus on their ideals and happiness.  However, there are still many readers who are generally not aware of the Booksbay website and still reliable in conventional stores that can be a tedious job to buy books. Booksbay is the best online bookstore throughout the UAE region and serves people by delivering books right to their doorsteps. Let’s talk about the advantages of purchasing books from Booksbay and introduce you to the range of services we offer.

  • Huge collection of books

A reader faces several problems when searching through multiple conventional bookstores for different categories and genres of books. They have to roam for different kinds of bookstores for each type of book. However, you no longer need to squander your valuable time because Booksbay offers a vast selection of more than 40 million books that can be delivered right to your door. Once you register with our Booksbay.ae website, you will have access to all of the sections and subsections that will make your research work easier and allow you to search directly for the books we have available.

  • Price comparison

It is quite easy and flexible for every reader to compare the price through our websites. When you enter any conventional bookstore, you need to settle with a price that the vendor has placed for a particular book, whereas at Booksbay online bookstore, you have the privilege to compare the price of books from different stores and select the most favorable and affordable for you.

  • Convenience

When you shop with us, you avoid wasting a lot of time that would have been spent exploring various traditional bookshops. There are no such hours for our online bookstores, which are open around the clock. You can order from anywhere in just a few simple steps by visiting our website at any time. We are committed to giving you the tools you need to buy books easily and continue to indulge in your passion for reading without hindrance.

  • Easy Access to customer reviews

As soon as you register on our website, you may quickly read other users’ reviews. You can learn about a book by reading and assessing reviews based on your vision and perspective. Through the honest opinions of our consumers, it will be simple for you to determine whether the book is suited to your needs and areas of interest.

  • Huge discounts

Every reader wants to be able to buy books at a fair price. We are committed to meeting the needs of every customer, which is why we deliver the most reasonably priced books right to your doorstep. Our users can find a variety of discounts, promotions, and deals on our website through our website. Additionally, we offer free delivery and shipping so that you don’t have to pay anything extra for the books.

  • Multiple options

Conventional bookstores have limited space for displaying the books, raising the probability of missing the pivotal books. But on our websites, we display the books with suitable categories and genres so that it’s easy for you to find and select the books you require. It makes your research work easy, and you can directly go to the right place your books are available.

In light of the facts above, we have been working diligently to offer you the best books on our website. We are the Best Place to Buy Books Online in UAE. We are dedicated to providing our clients with genuine books and highly effective services directly at their locations. Booksbay is renowned for its principles and ethics and aims to broaden the readership and meet the needs of book enthusiasts. We want individuals to read more and more books so they can comprehend the lessons taught through diverse books and feel the changes for themselves. Join our epic journey, get books from our website, and have fun reading!

Most Demanding Books in UAE

Discover the most demanding books in the UAE

 Books are historically the most important and widely used entertainment, information, and education sources. Even now, in this digital era when everything is available in digital form, books are still as popular as they were before with millions of buyers across the world. As we have already walked into another year, some of us are working on our resolutions while some have already broken them! We are busy in our daily life Chios but how many of us actually decided on self-care? And by self-care, we mean self-care is healing, both physically, emotionally, and mentally. We get so busy in our daily lives that we don’t give quality time to ourselves. Other ways of personal care include traveling, exercise, and eating right, but the most suggested and followed is reading books. There are many Most Demanding Books of All Time available across the globe!

Most Demanding Books in UAE

Reading books is not only for increasing vocabulary but also helps in gaining knowledge, reducing stress, developing analytical thinking skills, increasing memory, and much more. What kind of books should you read as a beginner? Thinking of giving reading a try? Whatever your interest is, be it romantic, observatory, thriller, action & adventure, fiction, or non-fiction, you should start with a book that has your favorite genre. Keeping a thought of all aspects, we have picked some of the Most Demanding Books in UAE. The below-listed books are Best Selling Books.

The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories by Ruskin Bond

The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories is a beautiful story written by Ruskin Bond that comprises 30 simple short stories. The simple characters played by Ruskin Bond, living amidst the beautiful forests of the Himalayan range, are astounding for their quiet courage, heroism and grace, and age-old values of fidelity and honesty. The stories written in the book are a piece of life and lyrical poems for the place and time Ruskin Bond spends his childhood. This book by Sir Bond can take you out of stress in a condition where you are stuck in between.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

It’s been 25 years since this book was written by Robert Kiyosaki and it still comes under top-sellers Best Selling Books in UAE. This book has become a top seller in personal finance books of all time, translated into several languages, and sold across the globe. Rich Dad Poor Dad will surely explode your myth that you need to earn a high income to be rich. Readers should give it a chance to read on.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Developmental, Inspirational, and practical – what a package! This book has all of these three qualities. The book has principles of behavior covered in this ground-breaking and inspirational book that is of great worth to anyone seeking success in family, career, or any other aspect of life. Stephen Covey has mentioned here the actions or the habits we must develop. The book is not a romantic book, not a parenting book, not a business book, it is only about YOU! This book will provoke you in a holistic context to examine you and your habits.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Many people think that this is just a regular self-help book with inspirational messages in it. But surprisingly, it’s not! This is a combination of Psychology, Spirituality, philosophy, self-help, and a little bit of business too. The author highlights the importance of visualization and gratitude in achieving someone’s desires, along with supposed examples. Later the book describes how to upgrade one’s relationships, health, and prosperity, with more general thoughts about the world.

It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover

A heart-warming romantic novel can sweep you off your feet! Readers should look no further than Colleen Hoover’s work ‘It Starts with Us”. This book will tell you the importance of communication and understanding in any relationship. The book is based on a second theme as well which is the impact of past traumas on present-day relationships. It Starts with Us is one of the Best Selling Books in UAE

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

This is a novel about the intrinsic strengths and flaws in each person, the terrible consequences, and the guilt of trying to endure them or forget/avoid them. This is a book that tells a unique unforgettable story, but there are a few individual ones that also have the unusual quality of transferring something extremely valuable about the tradition of a foreign country; beyond the deep philosophical differences, pros, and cons you may find with such surroundings.

Origin by Dan Brown

This is a mystery thriller by famous author Dan Brown, Origin is the fifth installment in his Robert Langdon series that makes it the Best Selling Book Series of All Time. Origin blends fiction and fact, weaving in scientific and historical details to build a suspenseful and fast-paced thriller.

Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King

This is so insanely freaky and crazy! This book will give you entertainment from the two kings and it is so amusing. Readers might get a fantasy about the world where most of the women have fallen asleep and have been wrapped, leaving the world to a large variety of male characters.

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

The 48 Laws of Power is a readable and practical guide for people who want power or want to shield themselves against power. Readers who are in search of understanding power and influence should read this book.

The above-mentioned books are the Best Selling Books in UAE that are available on Booksbay. Booksbay is the cheapest and largest online Bookstore in UAE having books with millions of copies.