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Best Graphic Novels Available at Booksbay.ae An Online Bookstore UAE

Best Graphic Novels Available at Online Bookstore UAE

Whenever an idea strikes about graphic novels, the very first thing that hits our mind is the collection of manga comics. But apart from the manga word, other graphic novels are creating a huge buzz among several readers. Readers in UAE mostly love to read novels like Spider-Man comic books, Alex Rider, Dog Man, and many more. Graphic novels are amusing works of fiction and no fiction using the conventional format of comic books. Unlike any other comic book, which is majorly short in length and mostly serialized, graphic novels are typically standalone work with less extended serialization.

Graphic novels majorly comprise several genres and themes, including science fiction, fantasy historical fiction, memoir, etc. What makes them different from any other comics is the addition and combination of visual elements and textual content, using a perfect amalgamation of illustration and dialogues to convey stories warmly. Sometimes, the term “graphic novel” can be misinterpreted with comic books, but the only difference that sets them apart is the length and serialization of the book. As readers in UAE embark on the journey of reading comic books, they mostly search for the best graphic novels that suit their literary taste and find the most interesting graphic novel ever.

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We can find most of the top graphical novels are single artists, whereas others may involve graphic illustration and dialogue delivery. With a perfect delivery of visual elements and captivating dialogues, Graphic novels have gained a lot of recognition and interest among the readers throughout the period. They have merged and grown a diverse audience including both comic book lovers and traditional book readers. As we move forward, we will learn about different types and good graphic novels a reader must go through.

What Are the Different Types of Graphic Novels?

Graphic novels consist of various categories and genres, serving a diverse range of reader’s preferences. Some of them are listed below:

  • Superhero: They majorly feature superheroes and the story revolves around them. The superhero can fight against the villain to save the world from different calamities.  Example: batman, superman, spider-man, etc.
  • Manga: These are the most renowned and famous graphic novels among the readers and mostly created by the Japanese. The word manga is the interpretation of graphic novels in the Japanese language and is mostly serialized and presents distinctive art.
  • Science fiction: These books are generally set around a fantastical world with the addition of magical elements into it. Also, the presence of mystical creatures and epic quests makes them more fascinating and electrifying.
  • Romance: The best graphic novels for romantic lovers that majorly focus on romantic relationships and endless love tales. Also, it explores personal and emotional themes.
  • Horror: A boon for horror lovers with supernatural activities, dramatic creatures, and suspenseful full stories. Readers can explore the world of ghosts and the most haunted stories.
  • Adventure: Mostly readers seek adventurous stories and thrilling quests that often explore the world of unbeatable interesting voyages.
  • Crime/noir: The novels mostly involve mystery, and crime and explore the darker side of human nature. With the addition of suspense and thriller, it creates and generates a passion for the reader to come up with such graphic novels.

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Here Is the List of Some Great Graphic Novels You Must Read

  • Spider-man comics

Spiderman has been the favorite epic character in the field of graphic novels and comics among kids and adults. Spiderman, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, is one of the most iconic and super-loved characters in comic book history. It has a rich and diverse storyline and has evolved diversely from its first appearance in 1960 till the present day.  Spider-man comic book has captured the interest of readers to a greater extent and continues to do so. Readers find the story compelling due to the presence of challenges and adversity faced by the protagonist Peter Parker.

the comic book is filled with adventure and engaging storylines with vibrant illustrations. The series is unique and Dog Man Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea is one of the most famous among the readers. The story is centered around a dog man and police officer presenting his quirky adventure in a world of imagination with no limits. The series serves the best features to younger audiences with simple language and colorful artwork.

The Heartstopper book is a loving and compelling graphic novel series written by Alice Oseman exploring the various intricacies of love, friendship, and self-discovery. the strength of the graphic novel that makes it stand out from any other novel is the relatable and genuine depiction of the character’s experience, nurturing empathy and understanding.

The graphic novels offer a nostalgic journey to the fans while exploding a sense of joy among newcomers. For those enthusiastic about the original series, the comics provide an invaluable extension of the Avatar universe. Avatar the Last air bender comics maintain a flow of voyage with charm and intricate world-building that made such demonstrating animated series.

The comics are not just a story about different heroes and villains, but also a tale of friendship and self-discovery. Nimona comics are unique in their presentation and blend various themes like humor, heart, and adventure. The superb characters and enthralling tale preserve the interest of readers and add a delightful layer of storytelling. The graphic novel is also a collection of emotional depth and irreverent tone making it a rewarding read for the audience.

One of the compelling reasons to read the Watchman comic is its intricate storytelling mode and diversified characters. The narrative of the comics is quite traditional and constructs the ideas of heroism and examines the psychological toll. However, the comic delves into political and philosophical themes delivering critical commentary on societal issues and the nature of power.

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